Terminal block mold realizes production of important parts


The terminal mold can realize the production of importa […]

The terminal mold can realize the production of important parts, with high efficiency, good precision and convenient maintenance.

The main surface of the terminal is mainly plastic molds and hardware continuous molds. In terms of plastic molds: mainly in design, first of all, the choice of the parting surface of the product is very important. He decides the design of the mold's own structure and the side core ( Many can be designed on four sides).

The terminal mold secondary system is also a very important one. As for the design of some structures, it will be affected by the type of plastic material. The uniformity of the insulation shell structure will affect the mold. The inserts on the front mold and the rear mold should be avoided. Phenomenon, as a product design engineer, if only considering product functions and standards will lead to the normal production and appearance of the mold, it is necessary to consider both the mold manufacturing process and the molding process of the injection molding machine. The impact of this aspect is also very important: Injection temperature, molding time, clamping force, injection speed, etc.

Almost all important parts in the connector industry are realized through terminal molds.