How to Break Through the Limitations of Thinking and Benefits of Terminal Enterprises


If we say that we need to break away from the tradition […]

If we say that we need to break away from the traditional framework of today's terminal companies and build a real terminal company, then we must break through the thinking and interests of terminal companies.

We must break through the thinking limitations of terminal enterprises. Change the concept, raise the awareness of the practitioners on the necessity and urgency of structural adjustment, and change the “requires me to adjustment” to “I want to adjust”. Some traditional employees have a deep-rooted concept of “traditional”, lacking a sense of competition and crisis; Examine various production factors, and re-create new competitive advantages through the adjustment of the terminal enterprise structure.

We must also break through the interests of terminal companies. Terminal enterprises not only need to make themselves stronger through structural adjustment, but also give play to the leading role of terminals in the industry, optimize the terminal terminal industrial structure, realize "de-capacity", promote technological terminal innovation by technological innovation, and promote the development of energy saving and emission reduction. Low-carbon economy, promoting the harmonious coexistence of human and nature, promoting the coordinated development of economy and society, and "going out" to participate in global resource allocation have made due contributions.

In addition, in addition to the changes in the above two aspects, terminal companies should always know the latest trends of the terminal industry at home and abroad, and it is very important to improve market competitiveness. This is also a problem that Shanghai Lianjie Electric always pays attention to.