Specifications of plug-in terminal blocks


The plug-in series of terminal blocks are made by plugg […]

The plug-in series of terminal blocks are made by plugging and unplugging two parts. One part presses the wire tightly and then inserts it into the other part. This part is soldered to the PCB.

This is the mechanical principle of the bottom. This anti-vibration design ensures the long-term air-tight connection of the product and the reliability of the finished product.

装配 Mounting ears can be added at both ends of the socket. The mounting ears can largely protect the tabs and prevent poor arrangement of the tabs. At the same time, this socket design can ensure that the socket can be correctly inserted into the mother body.

The socket can also have assembly buckle and lock buckle. The assembly buckle can be more firmly fixed to the PCB board, and the locking buckle can lock the mother body and the socket after the installation is completed.

A variety of socket designs can be matched with different mother body insertion methods, such as: horizontal, vertical or inclined to the printed circuit board. You can choose between metric and standard gauges.

Plug-in terminal block series uses a combination of easy-to-operate pluggable connections and solid and universal screw methods to connect various parts.