Optical fiber terminal safety standards


The safety standard of the fiber optic terminal is the […]

The safety standard of the fiber optic terminal is the same as the coaxial RCA terminal, both are SPDIF digital audio format, but the data transmission is not through fluctuating currents, but through pulsating light waves, using special optical fibers as the medium.
From the output port of the fiber optic terminal block, you can see the red light. This is not a laser and it is not harmful to the human eye. Dirt and dust can hinder the transmission of light waves.

Therefore, do not touch the connection port with your hands when you use it, and put a dust cap on the port when you are not using it.

In addition, the fiber optic cable cannot be bent or twisted excessively, otherwise it will cause permanent damage and cannot be used.

Optical fiber terminals require two conversions of photoelectricity and electro-optic, which will inevitably lead to loss, but optical fibers are not as susceptible to electromagnetic interference as copper wires, and can guarantee better transmission over long distances.