Interrelationship between information industry and terminal industry


If China ’s terminal market has driven the development […]

If China ’s terminal market has driven the development of global electronics, it ’s no exaggeration to say that the global connector industry is developing rapidly. Natural terminal is the most beneficial party. Coupled with the globalization of the Chinese market, this has brought unprecedented prosperity to the development of terminals.

Interrelationship between information industry and terminal industry

First of all, due to the increase in the development of mobile phones, PCs, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics, and industrial electronics, coupled with the continued recovery in terminal demand for electronic components, the widely-used terminal block has been “big-boxed,” and production has been rapid. rise.

Second, it is to promote the activities of home appliances to the countryside across the country with the cooperation of the government and enterprises to maintain steady and rapid economic growth. As an indispensable part of home appliance products, the market demand for terminal blocks will also be enlarged simultaneously. The policy of home appliances going to the countryside provides a development opportunity that cannot be ignored for China's pluggable terminal block industry. In addition, the development of China's terminal industry is an important link in the world's terminal industry chain. As a result of the joint action of domestic and foreign investors in the terminal market, China's terminal industry is developing rapidly and has gradually achieved the world's leading position.

Expanding the terminal market not only directly affects the development of the entire electronic information industry, but also has great significance for the development of information technology, transformation of traditional industries, improvement of modern equipment, and promotion of scientific and technological progress.