Impact of terminal blocks on the industrial environment


1. The storage environment of terminal blocks varies, f […]

1. The storage environment of terminal blocks varies, from controllable clean, heated or air-conditioned, humid warehouses, offices or factories to uncontrollable corresponding environments.

Heat, humidity, or corrosion can severely affect the life of the terminal.

2. Transportation environmental factors involve problems caused by the vibration and collision of transportation vehicles and other mechanical devices, roads, and loading and unloading tools during operation.

Extreme temperatures often combine and exacerbate the effects of vibration and collision.

3. Reliability is a very important consideration in business decisions.

From the perspective of a quality engineer or reliability engineer, reliability should be defined as "the continuous performance or maximum likelihood of zero failure operation under given conditions," or "something under given conditions, at specific intervals The greatest likelihood that they will function properly during the period. "