Terminal block application range and description


The first printed circuit board terminal was born in 19 […]

The first printed circuit board terminal was born in 1970. With the birth of the terminal block produced by Phoenix Electric in 1982, the prototype of the modern terminal was also established, and with the development of the electronics industry, the type of terminal More and more, can be divided into European-style terminal blocks, plug-in terminal blocks, fence-type terminal blocks, spring-type terminal blocks, rail-type terminal blocks, through-wall terminal blocks...

As far as the current technological development is concerned, the best technology now has a day of backwardness. The rapid development of science and technology is an inevitable trend. Science and technology are derived from social practice and serve social practice. Modern science is flourishing along a better and better direction. Development, the times are constantly changing, and technology is constantly innovating. We humans are constantly exploring the road of science and technology. This road is full of challenges and obstacles. Every time the progress of the times will surprise us, the innovations are big and small. Some things are small, but the effect is not small, just like the terminals, a simple device made of plastic and metal sheets, let electrical and mechanical The industry is extremely useful.
Let us first talk about what is the terminal block? In fact, the terminal is used to facilitate the connection of the wire. It is actually a piece of metal sealed inside the insulating plastic. There are holes at both ends to insert the wire, and the screws are fastened or loosened, such as two wires, which need to be connected. Or when disconnected, they can be connected or disconnected with terminals without having to solder or entangle them, which is convenient and quick. Suitable for a large number of wires to be linked to each other. In the power industry, there are special terminal blocks, terminal boxes, which are terminal blocks, which are single-layered, double-layered, current-carrying, voltage-bearing, and ordinary. Can be broken and so on. A certain crimp area is required to ensure reliable contact and to ensure sufficient current is passed. In a word, the terminal block occupies an important position in the process of machine operation, and the terminal block must meet the mark to avoid accidents.

In fact, now our life, work and entertainment are totally dependent on electricity, no electricity, work and life entertainment will be interrupted, it will be stagnant. Mobile computer cameras, there are many other electronic digital products and household appliances. The common feature of these products is the use of electricity. The most important thing is that they are equipped with a variety of lines, white black, long short, thick and thin. Power cables, data cables, and various wires connect to the electronic products we need to use in order to work properly and to achieve the services and functions we want.

Currently these various lines, they all have a port, they use these ports to link with a wide variety of devices. For example, the network cable has two crystal heads, one connected to the switch and one connected to our computer. The crystal head is a terminal block. The USB interface of the data line is also a type of terminal. The charger is connected to the power supply at one end and the computer and mobile phone at the other end. These ports are also high-current terminals. There are thousands of types of terminal blocks, and only a few well-known brands have more than 3,000 terminals.

The application of the terminal block can be called a terminal block except for a computer or a digital product, a household appliance, and the like. The application area of ​​the terminal block is astounding. Terminal blocks have reached the point where they can be seen everywhere in daily life. Therefore, the market for terminal blocks is very large.