Problems causing high temperature at the terminals


There are two possibilities for high temperature of the […]

There are two possibilities for high temperature of the terminal: the looseness of the terminal causes the contact resistance to be too large, thus overheating; the terminal is not loose, but the circuit is overheated due to some unknown reason, such as the power supply voltage is too high, or the load is shorted.

1, the voltage is too high. It can be checked from the source, the secondary voltage of the transformer - the voltage in the distribution box - the voltage of each consumer. The socket can also have an assembly buckle and a locking buckle. The mounting buckles provide a more secure attachment to the PCB, and the locking tabs lock the parent and socket after installation. A variety of socket designs can be used with different mating methods, such as horizontal, vertical or oblique to printed circuit boards. You can choose either a metric wire gauge or a standard wire gauge.

2, ground fault. It can also be checked from the transformer and then grounded to the distribution box. The ground should be grounded, while the normal phase should eliminate ground faults. It can be measured by insulation meter or shaker when power is off, and segmented measurement. It is only possible to measure cables, wires, circuit breakers, switches and other power supply and distribution lines in sections. If it is difficult to segment, then the weak equipment will be removed. The fuse of the sensing device.

The key to grounding is that the grounding resistance is low and the contact area is large. The former can ensure that the grounding point has a "zero potential" as close as possible to the earth potential, which can avoid the possibility that the thunder and lightning will return from the grounding line "reverse string" and break into the power supply loop. The latter guarantees sufficient capacity to provide a fault current path, including lightning or short-circuit faults. Because the actual construction process has always been changed according to the changes of contemporary technology and technology, this kind of grounding method can't work well, and it depends on how the new standard is regulated.