What role do terminals play in the rail and rail sector?


In the entire life cycle of railway products, the dange […]

In the entire life cycle of railway products, the dangerous cost is often higher than the procurement cost. The use of quick-disconnectable connection products can greatly reduce repair time. The Lianjie terminal blocks make a significant contribution to the cost control of the locomotive life cycle, meeting customer requirements for durability and cost performance in all applications.

Terminal blocks can be applied to various parts of the rolling stock and signal system:
First, applied to the control cabinet
All control signals in the train are combined into one control cabinet and externally connected via heavy-duty connectors. The WST series terminal blocks save the connection space and ensure that the signals are reliably analyzed and processed in the control cabinet.
Second, applied to air conditioning systems
Air conditioning systems are generally installed on the top of the train and are bulky. The modular connection product facilitates easy installation and maintenance, while the product needs to have high seismic performance. The WST series of shrapnel terminals are critical to the connection of the equipment.
 Third, applied to traction motor connection
 On modern high-speed trains, the use of large currents ensures that the train can accelerate to the top speed in a short time. Bolted terminals are specially designed to deliver high currents on trains. Bolted terminal blocks are protected from corrosion by water, dust and stones.
 Fourth, applied to the car joint
 In harsh conditions, the product must be strong and require a high price/performance ratio. Bolted terminal blocks and heavy-duty connectors meet all requirements: easy to plug and pull - perfect for quick docking of the car.
Fifth, applied to the door control and cab
Where the functional unit requires pre-wiring or replacement, a modular terminal block is required. Pluggable terminal blocks are available for use in the gate and cab. This combines the advantages of both pre-wired and quick-to-install installations by simply plugging the plug directly into the terminal and doing all the work. The shrapnel joints, plus the snap ring and hooks resist shock, vibration and shaking.